Guide to select the best Smart Speaker assistant between Google and Amazon

guide to select the best smart speaker assistant between google and amazon

Smart Speakers developed by Google and Amazon are the most trending and favorite in the market. Google is launching a new smart speaker, Nest Mini, to compete with Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speakers. Last year Google launched Home Mini speaker, and Amazon came up with third-generation echo-dot. The rivalry between Google and Amazon regarding smart speakers continued this year. Google launched a new smart speaker with some additional features compared to home mini. Now customers have a choice to pick from these best speakers.

Wall mounting is the new feature added over the original home mini. The nest mini is small and comes in four different colors like gray, sky blue, black, and coral. You can tap at the center of the speaker to wake up the device, which makes Google’s Smart Speaker user-friendly. This year’s model of Echo Dot (Alexa) has the feature of displaying default timer and outdoor temperatures. One can use this device as an alarm clock. Google commented on its wall mounting feature, which the Echo Dot does not have. This feature will add one plus point to Google over Amazon in the market. During the setting of both these devices, Alexa gives more services than a Home Mini. Both the speakers can control home appliances, play music for you, or give answers to your questions.

Google has worked on its sound and gave the best result in nest mini. According to the report, Nest Mini has twice the bass quality compared with the original Home Mini. The study says Nest Mini is best suited for playing music in the small room. Besides comparing features, customers look for the cost. Nest Mini is cheaper than Alexa. These devices were tested for handling complex arrangements that proved Nest Mini to be better than Echo Host. According to Google, the Nest Mini has improved mics. Alexa can adopt a speaking style suited for delivering news content in the US and Australia. These Speakers are similar to each other yet have distinctive features. Some points like the best music service support system make Echo Dot head the market. After studying all the features, a user has the best choice to pick the best from the market.