McDonald’s CEO fired over a consensual relationship with an employee

McDonald's CEO fired over a consensual relationship with an employee

Steve Easterbrook, the CEO of McDonald’s, was fired after the McDonald’s board of directors, found out that Easterbrook gave away a ‘terrible judgment’ in a relationship that was consensual with an employee. The board of directors voted on this Friday that to fire Easterbrook after a review, which concludes that a policy was violated by him, which was against manager relationships with some direct and some indirect reports. Mr. Chris Kempczinski is the new CEO of McDonald’s, who was previously working as McDonald’s USA president.

Steve Easterbrook wrote in an e-mail to the employees of McDonald’s, saying that his new relationship with an employee was ‘a mistake.’ Steve Easterbrook said that he agrees with the board that it is time for him to move on, given the values of the company. “Given the values of the company. Spokeswoman of Easterbrook, ‘Desiree Moore’, who is a Chicago-based lawyer, said that Easterbrook is thankful for his time at McDonald’s, & also he admits his judgment error & he supports the decision of the company, ’Desiree Moore further said that Easterbrook would not comment further. McDonald’s said that the details of Easterbrook’s compensation would be released by the coming Tuesday in a federal filing. The company has not shared further details of the relationship.

Easterbrook was a former head of the UK operations of the company. He joins a growing list of CEO who were forced out over relationships with employees as companies implemented rules against dating juniors in the era of #MeToo. In 2015 Easterbrook became the CEO as McDonald’s was struggling to retain its customers. After McDonald’s announced a drop in US sales as well as a downfall in profits in that year’s first quarter, Easterbrook promised to address consumer needs & expectations better. The share of McDonald’s rose under the leadership of Easterbrook, and at the top of US fast-food sales, the company retains its top spot. The editor of ‘Restaurant Business’ Jonathan Maze said that Easterbrook helped McDonald’s, which was facing a tough time. He adopted in-store kiosks technology, online delivery & in March to speed up McDonald’s drive-through services a start-up acquisition of US$ 300 million.