Adarga received funding od £5M for its Palantir-like AI platform

adarga received funding od £5m for its palantir-like ai platform

Adarga Limited is a London based startup company which is engaged in research and development of analytical software. It uses artificial intelligence to unlock the new way for many financial institutions, intelligence agencies, defence companies, and many others. Adarga Limited received nearly £5 million funding by Allectus Capital Limited. The company continuously focus on enhancing and expanding data science. This strategy is carried out in order to expand its international outreached.

The company offers product and services to the UK government. The company received continuous support from Benevolent AI. Adarga Limited is a leading artificial intelligence company in the UK. It is engaged in designing, development, testing, and delivering AI technology the CEO of Adarga Limited  Mr. Rob Bassett Cross, said. With this funding, the company would gain a competitive position in the UK defence and security sector. The company will continuously have rapid growth for a real solution to address the challenges across the globe. Adarga platform helps organizations to transform data-intensive. As well as manage vast volumes of data more accurately and quickly. Adarga company’s clients can build up a knowledge graph about targets and subjects of their interest.

The company hosted its annual event at the Royal Institution located in London. The company featured the futurist AI platform for many growing companies across the globe. Mr. Matthew Gould said that Adarga Limited had developed an analytics platform. This is to support real time-critical decision making by public sector and defense. Allectus Capital is an investment firm that invests in disruptive technology businesses. Allectus Capital is based in Sydney located in Australia. And the company is planning to invest in companies across UK, US, and Asia Pacific regions. Allectus internally invests over US$ 300 million in technology, especially in Asia Pacific and United Kingdom regions. The company collaborate and supports investment companies through proper management and active communication across various group.