Four most Impactful ways to tackle Global warming

The world is at a crossroad where it needs to decide what steps to take against climate change before everything goes south. While many of us are taking numerous steps to tackle warming, most impactful ones are not even considered. Climate change is majorly caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. This is a result of billions of personal choices, and decisions made by us. A group of researchers carried out a study to find the most impactful steps and lifestyle choices to tackle climate change.

The team of researchers analyzed more than 30 papers, government reports, and carbon calculators to calculate the effects of personal lifestyle choices in 100 plus situations. Four lifestyle choices that affected the carbon emission on a larger scale as compared to others were listed. Having one fewer child topped the list. For a developed country, 58600 kg of CO2 emission can be reduced. This is the most impactful way of reducing the carbon footprint, though many people might be sceptical about this idea. By not using a car, a person can reduce 2400 kg of CO2 emission. Airplanes are a major source of carbon emission. If a person avoids a certain airplane journey, he/she could stop 1600 kg of CO2¬ emission in a transatlantic flight. The last lifestyle change on the list was a shocker. If a person stops eating meat and starts a plant-based or a vegetarian diet, he/she will save 800 kg of CO2¬ emission per year. This is because meat comes with a massive carbon footprint as animals are fed with a plant diet. It also uses other resources such as water and land.

These lifestyles, therefore, have a bigger impact on reducing the footprint as compared to steps like changing light bulbs. There is no question that changing lightbulbs and other similar steps do help in reducing footprint. But, the intensity of these choices is low. That is where communication comes into picture. Impactful lifestyle choices should be publicized properly through all media. Young minds should be enlightened about these choices, and pattern should be established for a lifetime.