Google Stadia to Have Subscription and Individual Purchase Plans

Google’s online game streaming service is coming online in a few months, and before the official launch, the pricing for the cloud gaming and streaming service is leaked. According to the leaked information about the pricing, Google Stadia will have subscription-based plans and individual purchase plans for the users. Both of the plans are convenient for users who are willing to try their hands on cloud gaming as they might not have access to the powerful hardware for gaming. The individual plans allow the users to purchase single-games for the users, along with the cloud gaming service.

Google has not released information about the plans and other specifications but was expected to release the same today at noon. But before the official announcement, the agency received the tip and leaked the information. According to the report from the Canadian News Agency, the base subscription plan will have the price tag $11/month for the 4K game streaming with 60FPS framerate. Also, Google is planning to launch a free version of Stadia base version, but with the 1080p streaming. The Premium stadia version will come with the price tag of $169/-, which is top of the line configuration plan.

One of the most exciting thing about the Stadia is that it comes with an individual purchase plan, which allows the users to choose from multiple games and select a single game to play on the service. The different games will have less price per month than the subscription plan. Google Stadia will have all of the favorite games like Doom, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the new Tomb Raider trilogy, and The Division 2 to choose from. Also, Google is planning to Add Destiny 2 for the premium plan users, so shortly, the users can purchase the game individually to play on Stadia cloud gaming and streaming service.

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