Bedbugs and Dinosaurs were Friends a Long Time Ago – Says Report in Current Biology

It’s still a mystery how Dinosaurs were wiped from the earth and not the other species of the animals. According to the new study published in the Current Biology journal, the scientists claim that the Bedbugs and Dinosaurs existed together and the bedbugs are still alive. It is entirely unclear about the exact origin year of the Bedbugs, but they live from a few million years ago, the prehistoric era. It’s not just a few million years, but the report claims that the Bedbugs live from nearly 100 million years on the planet.

Professor Mike Siva-Jothy from the University of Sheffield, who was the part of the study published in the Current Biology Journal says that evolutionary history of the bedbugs is very complex, as they existed alongside dinosaurs and not extinct with the large beasts. It’s no surprise for the scientists to know the approximate time from when the bedbugs lived, as previously, scientists predicted that the bugs existed from nearly 50-60 million years ago with a slight change to the expected value. Dr. Steffen Roth from the University Museum Bergen in Norway, the lead author of the study said that the bedbugs before evolution fed on different host type.

Commonly, bed bugs always feed on the animals, that have the shelter, like humans, birds, etc. As the dinosaurs didn’t have the homes, there is no possibility that the bedbugs fed on them. Mr. Roth and his colleagues spent nearly 15 years studying various bed bugs species around the world and considered the DNA of 34 species from 65 locations. The team also discovered that every half a million years, the bedbugs do conquer the human population. But the research indicates that the two of the most common bedbug species, the common and tropical do feed on the humans and not other hosts are alive from the beginning and not evolved much.

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